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Tax debt investigation with the IRS. Owe back tax debt, but not sure why or when you owe?

Owe back tax debt, but not sure why or when you owe? Allow Tax Resolution Xperts to contact the IRS on your behalf and conduct a 10 year tax debt investigation.

Your tax resolution will begin with an investigation into your specific circumstances with the IRS.

Your EA tax expert will: File an IRS Power of Attorney Form 2848 to speak on your behalf to establish communications with the IRS. Initiate protection from IRS collection actions (bank levies or wage garnishments). Analyze the IRS account transcripts to learn what needs to be filed, and make sure there are no errors that the IRS has made (it happens). Obtain any income information the IRS has (W2s, 1099s, etc.) that is necessary to file the required back taxes, Break down all the information he or she has obtained and analyzed from the IRS. After the IRS investigation, we’ll ask you to fill out a tax organizer and personal questionnaire so we can start preparing your tax returns and analyzing your personal finance situation.

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